As a creative adult, sometimes it’s hard to remember how much of a struggle it was to find your own voice. Think about how much easier those artistic quandaries would have been to navigate if an empathetic mentor had been around to guide you.

Now that you’ve achieved success in your chosen creative field, have you thought of the concept of ‘paying it forward’ and leaving your indelible mark on the next generation? Do you have a natural ability to inspire others? Have you ever considered offering some of your free time to mentor creative-minded children and young adults? If the answers are ‘yes’ to these questions, why not consider being an AMPLIFYOURSELF Youth Ambassador?

At AMPLIFYOURSELF, we believe that by giving the youth a solid platform on which they can express ideas, we offer them a way out of the frustrations of not being heard or feeling lost without a sense of purpose.

With the knowledge and discipline needed to pursue an education, as well as a platform for creative expression, young people will feel they have a meaningful role in their local communities.

Through various sociological studies, a music education has been shown to be a self-esteem builder, motivating students to excel in school, as well as society. In addition to giving students a sense of achievement, music encourages development of leadership skills, as well as empathy of other cultures through their musical heritage.

We are looking for a diverse group of Youth Ambassadors who can demonstrate leadership qualities to join us at AMPLIFYOURSELF. Our objective is to work closely with our Youth Ambassadors so we can cross fertilise our creative, business and artistic ideals.